Friday, 18 November 2011

Is there any scent nicer at Christmas than pine?

 I  was in pine  heaven yesterday, Hubby's friend who works in the  Christmas Tree business brought me  4 bundles of  greens.....  Scotch pine,  Norfolk pine, cedar and  spruce....... just trimmings from  his trees....

With this abundance of   pine boughs I  got  busy  decorating the front porch , colour scheme red, a touch of silver , green and white.
Bare front porch
See the   lanterns from   thrift store .
Such a pleasure to use fresh   scented greens instead of the usual    artificial  ............
urn with wired  red ornaments and silver butterflies

Cheery and welcoming
Used  a old family favourite, antiqued    snowman post  and  some green mesh ribbon ......some   faux poinsettias  and a black  iron flower urn  to raise the greens up on the front window.. 
white branches are led lights
Up close to urn..
silver butterflies  add to the  sparkle
So enjoyable to  use   and   add the variety of greens to   each  window and  urn.
Did end up  smelling of  pine and  hands covered in  pitch.....
Hidden in green a black iron urn 

Berries and Butterflies Wreath

Nightime look
Twinkling lights

Even enough to make a welcoming   arrangement on front hall table.
 Finished off  by adding  some holly from shrub in back garden to   fresh  arrangement. to link   front  porch  to  interior....what a wonderful scent when  entering the house.
Have you decorated your  outside yet?


Barbara F. said...

Beautiful, Rosemary. I agree about the scent of pine, it is so heartwarming and nostalgic when I smell it. xo

Muffy's Marks said...

Your decorations are so inviting and beautiful. I'll bet your house smells great. Happy Thanksgiving.

Shady Gardener said...

What fun, Rosemary! Everything looks wonderful. You should come help me!!! (However, I must wait until after Thanksgiving, as our two families are coming home for the entire weekend!) :-)

Rosanne said...

It all looks terrific! Love the lighted branches, they look great!

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Hi Rosemary, I started some of Christmas decorating on the weekend as well. I filled some of the planters along the fence with evergreen bows. Well, didn't some squirrels come along and dig it all up! The ground is littered with my handwork. Little furry bleeps!
I like what you have done. I would never have thought to do up the windowsills as you have done. Very nice! I like that you have used the poinsettias sparingly. I will have to try to get out there and re-do my decorations.

Karen said...

Hi Rosemary, Gosh I had a great time looking at all your hard work with the outdoor decor. I have all these trees around here too, and finally took my loppers out and whacked down some greenery (mostly pine) but my arrangements do not look nearly as pretty as yours! You have the special touch, my dear lady.

Donna Heber said...

Your decorating is fantastic Rosemary and the scent of pine is heavenly - enjoy it!