Monday, 22 August 2011

Yard Sale Find!

Saturday on the way to visit the Farmers market stand to pick up some fresh corn on the cob for supper  passed a Yard Sale sign... 
The yard sale was at the Green Valley B&B farm  . They just closed the business after many years welcoming  visitors to their home farm 
To stop or not to stop that is the question... ...rarely find anything  that appeals if and when I do  stop.
Kept on driving on to the  corn....Thought "maybe stop on way back"
Peaches and Cream corn purchased,
Driving  home  still undecided as to  stopping in at the yard sale  on a whim  decided  "what the heck nothing else on my retirement agenda"
Sondra the owner of the B&B was   cleaning  out  many  items from the business.
No need  this time to talk myself into purchasing a set of 4 glasses
.My everyday glasses were getting etched from the dishwasher and it had been on my mind to get a new set.
These glasses  had never been used. Sticker still on them.  Nautica.
 Only 50 cents each. Hum , thought  "these are  an expensive glassware"

Island Flower
Checked on line to find   replacement value 19.99 each...  What a sense of satisfaction  that my  guess was  right.
Smug I am!
Well worth the stop!

Finished my purchases with a bottle of their own home made maple syrup made  from the huge old sugar maple  trees that line the property...... the label shows the farm house as it was  from 1890

Does give one  pause, perhaps should become a yard saler up early every Saturday   finding that one   bargain ,start up a little business...reselling on EBay, make a fortune , gave myself a shake , sanity returned ...
Lucky I found these glasses....


Crafty Gardener said...

Great bargain at the garage sale.

Rosanne said...

Great find!

Barbara F. said...

You found some really nice things, the glasses were a great buy for never used, and homemade maple syrup? Wow! xo,