Friday, 26 August 2011

Gardener Gripe -Startle

Pretty isn't it? Love the ruffles.......
Startle Daylily   is startling . I will say it lives up to the name  ! I am startled!....
Startle let down! might be a new gardeners disease..

It has only  1 scape.This is the second season for this plant.
This is a tetraploid which means it should be more branching.. no branching..Shouldn't a tetraploid be more showy?

About 8 buds on the scape.
Bloom size about 6 inches across, which is excellent..
Notice the washed out centers and tips  of  some of the petals. More of a  magenta  red with  a yellow green throat.  A much more  washed out look than expected ...

The tag certainly showed   a much redder  colour  with none of the faded look to the petals  , don't you hate misleading  tags...bane of a gardeners existence.....
It is the last of all my daylilies to flower which is not a bad thing,  tho it is considered a mid season .... .

Should  I never believe  plant tags? Could it be I am too picky?
Question is should I keep this daylily  hoping for better   results another year?
Isn't that what a gardener does  hope for  better   the next year.....

What do you call a grumpy and short tempered gardener?

A SnapDragon.



Rosanne said...

Hmm, it's still pretty but if not what you want replace it.

Karen said...

Oh, yes Rosemary, I hate misleading tags too and the photos in seed catalogs that forget to tell you that the picture is a macro and the actual flower will only be the size of a pea, not a dinner plate, lol.

I guess I'd give it another it planted in any shade? Some of mine weren't up to par either until I moved them to full sun.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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Patsi said...

Love the ruffles also and color.
Think I'm done with lilies now but not sure still haven't evaluated the hurricane damage at a glance limbs down and debris all over.

Kim and Victoria said...

Are you feeling grumpy, Rosemary? :-)
I think that's a lovely daylily and I would definitely give it another year, or more. I know what you mean about the tags though, are they ever true to life?