Monday, 25 July 2011

Movies , and more Movies

One thing about having a 16 year old around I see movies I might not necessarily chose, still it is good to  keep my mind tune with  the "youngsters". ...  Over the last  week and a half.
3. Good way to stay cool......
First up Harry Potter which I was looking forward too, It  was excellent, a a wonderful ending to  the  series....tho I think Harry  will be back...some way.

The Zookeeper, Brittany wanted to see , we both love Kevin James . Not  the  best script  and certainly not as funny as Mall Cop.Some very funny laugh out loud  moments,  unfortunately too few..... which is a shame.
Top box office over the weekend,
Captain America  was very stylized, based in the 40's  ,  and for a comic book hero   movie  quite enjoyable. Wonderful acting by Tommy Lee Jones,  who I love and a great evil  villain Hugo Weaving.Cameo appearance by Samuel L. Jackson would have been nice to see more of him.
Brittany's comment    "not really like the 40's tho was it Gramma?"
I had to remind her I wasn't born  yet in the year this movie was based ..not that long after but still ...... Grandchildren! :-) Now if she asks about the 50's/60's.
I thought it was rather astute of Brittany to realize   that is was a rather glorified look at the 40's.

Next up this week , Bridesmaids , which we hear is very funny. Will critique it later this week.


Rosanne said...

Can't wait to see HP and will check out Captain America sometime too!

Donna Heber said...


Enjoy your movies and stay cool!

perennialgardener said...

We liked Harry Potter too, my kids grew up on the books.