Friday, 15 July 2011

Clivia -reflowering

I re potted my clivia   earlier this spring and have been rewarded with  another  bloom.  It is  obviously  somewhat happier as this blossom is larger and  fuller than the winter one......
One mistake I made  I set the plant outside in the shade for a  couple of days  thinking I would keep the mess of  re potting out doors....   Re potted  it and left it shaded  for another day.
What happened  to my dismay  a week or so later,  the clivias leaves started to show  browning from, I am thinking sun scorch..
Hoping this does not kill my plant  and can see more re potting and   
TLC ahead for this  houseplant.
Lesson learned.


Karen said...

The clivia has such pretty blooms. I'm not familiar with this plant, but it's obvious you have a green thumb with it. So it cannot tolerate much (if any) sun....this is a good thing to know for future reference. It must be a true shade lover then. I hope it makes a full recovery for you, Rosemary!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Mine is blooming again, I had to re-pot mine this spring as it broke out of it's pot, literally!