Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Brittany's Beading!

Brittany and I started out  to make some beaded  bookmarks loosely following Better Homes and Gardens Xmas in July  crafts .Some  gifts  for readers  in the  family and for Brittany's girlfriends ....
Brianne Brittany's sister had done some jewellery making a few years ago  and  had some leftover  supplies and tools she let us use .
 About   2 hours later we had made 4 bookmarks; each is  14 inches long,   with a   7 - 9 beads on one end  , the other end   had 5 - 7. These bookmarks will fit  almost any book size .

Mauve, the first one Brittany made and I think her favorite.
Green my favourite colour,

 Blue  Brittany's  colour favourite.


A nice simple  easy craft it was that made .. rather  elegant   looking bookmarks ..

Did we had stopped there? No.

Brittany and I got looking at the pretty beads and the findings , minds started to work .
What about making a  necklace?
What about a bracelet ?
What about earrings?
Decided we  needed  a  few extra beads and   some findings.  A run to Michael's was in order.
Brittany and I are both  attracted to  bright shiny objects.
A day later :
Necklace and Bracelet. Necklace is a velvet  necklace with  a glass pendant. Bracelet is  glass beads with spacers  similar to Pandora .

2 sets of earrings. Modelled by Brittany.One set blue green iridescent one set  millefleur glass.

Temptation is a slippery slope.But so much fun.

We now have more beads to make into  treasures.



Sweet stuff!!!

Karen said...

The bookmarks and jewelry are wonderful! I have a lot of beads around here that I should make something out of, too, but never get around to it. I need inspiration and someone to craft with, so glad you have your granddaughter.

I also loved reading the movie reviews, too!

Rosanne said...

It all looks so gorgeous, great creations Brittany! And such a nice Gramma to craft with you!