Thursday, 19 May 2011

Donn Zver Pottery tour Troy Ontario

It was my turn to organize the Red Hats outing for this month.Chose the Donn Zver Pottery with the Cafe Troy beside..

  My daughters and I had visited some years ago and it was  a delightful spot....
Of our 21 members 16 were able to attend.

Arriving at pottery.

Greeted by the owner.

Here he is   demonstrating  throwing a  vase.

From the   lump  ,

to the shaping,

adding decoration.
He was  quite the  raconteur with many stories about becoming  a potter .... as well as so informative on the making of pottery.

Flagons waiting to be fired.

In the restaurant  many wonderful windows looking out onto pretty gardens.

The pottery is used to set the tables   in the dining room....

Same style   flagons on the tables that I showed about to be fired .
Lunch was very good and the desserts to die;everyone  loved  their lunch; for myself I enjoyed leek  potato soup,  red pepper  and feta quiche and dessert a  maple creme brulee.....

Did I buy anything? Of course ,  I have been wanting a  garlic keeper for sometime and this one is  happily at home on my kitchen counter.

In the afternoon    one of our group went to the well known quilt shop in St George, one group toured the shops along the streets in Paris and   my group   browsed   antique shops in St George and then  a brief visit to Mary Maxim in Paris...
When  planning an outing  for a group  find it is  a bit stressful one wants everyone to enjoy it.
It was a fun successful  excursion.

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Sounds like a nice day!