Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bloomin Tuesday-Is It?

Ah, was it just last week we were  experiencing our first warm week of weather?
 Lots of sunshine   , spring had finally arrived ....... One moment put that   on hold!
Cold, rainy , grey, windy , not just a day but   all week long.  Not spring like  rain either  torrential rain, November  winds,   dark low  clouds not a glimpse of brightness,   temperatures   half of what they should be...
Planting is on hold...... Porch sitting is on hold...... dining al fresco on hold..   
So what is flowering in my garden you say?
Well the pansies shown before are very happy... but I wanted to show you something new ...... so  here are the orange patriot  geraniums waiting for planting.

Yes,I said orange ,haven't used orange in my garden plans for years  but one way or
the other I will get  sunshine  into the garden......

Purple and pink wave petunias.They too  are waiting.

A ranunculus   purchased from the Heritage Club
garden sale on Sat.-waiting!

 Nicotiana white and purple, yes,they too wait..

Zinnias  orange and red ,waiting..

Are you waiting too?


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Lovin' the orange geraniums! Cold and rainy all this week in Philly too. Hope some nice spring weather comes back soon, but afraid we'll jump right into hot and humid:@)

Rosanne said...

What a cheery colour those geraniums are! And yes, I'm waiting too!

Kim and Victoria said...

Just the tomatoes are still waiting to be put out. We may have rushed it a bit on the potato vines in the baskets. At least our rain was just the spring kind and we're looking to be back to some sun today although not especially warm.
Love that orange geranium. Should look great when you finally get to put it out.

Queen of The Desert said...

What a pretty colors you have in your garden, I've never seen an orange geranium before. Gorgeous color.


Becca's Dirt said...

Isn't the weather crazy. We are setting record lows and such dry conditions. We are used to having lots of rain. You will soon have some awesome blooms from all those pretties you have.

Jean said...

I sure know how you feel! I haven't stepped foot into a nursery yet so I don't have much waiting. Love the vibrant orange! Maybe next week....Jean

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Orange is beautiful, there isn't a color that I don't like except I can not see the desire so many have for black flowers, my local nursery has black petunias, black is not for me :).