Thursday, 21 April 2011

Thumbs Down

I love receiving  and trying samples of  new products .
It was with great anticipation I looked forward to  Kellogg's Fibre Plus cereal .....  
Toasted Whole Grain,  Crunchy granola clusters, 40%  of recommended daily fibre.... Picked Summer Berry flavour.Only 130 calories  per 32 g. 2 % fat. Low fat,  trans fat free,low sodium,source of 7 essential vitamins.
Sounds so good. Sounds so healthy.
Ordinarily I eat Post Great Grains, Date, Raisin or Pecan , Kashi, old fashioned puffed wheat or oatmeal, which may colour the rest on my comments;
 I opened the package,  at a quick glance  , looks like dry dog food..
On went the milk ,   with first bite  thought ,
Looked at the ingredients list;
  first  on list  , whole oat FLOUR!, next corn bran  and third SUGAR!.  Fourth mixed berry flavoured  clusters( rolled oats, SUGAR,  oat fibre, corn bran, CORN SYRUP, wheat starch, HONEY, corn flour, vegetable oil, and on and on ...
Yes they do claim to actually have real  flavour with apple puree, strawberries and blueberries. 
Certainly an eye opener when one reads the ingredients.
I was very surprised at  the  taste,  it was not pleasant at all.
  Over processed and  chemical tasting .
This is a very disappointing cereal . Definitely would not recommend it.....
Kellogg's even sent a dollar off coupon which is a shame as I won't be using.
If anyone is interested  in trying this cereal after my comments  I will happily  send along this coupon if you let me know so you can test this cereal yourself..
One  tip I want to pass on is a web site  I visit often Food Facts , a site dedicated to objective information about nutrition facts, ingredients and food products..I am trying to become an empowered  consumer .


Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Hi Rosemary,
I have to agree that it looks like dog food in your picture! I am always on the lookout for high fiber/low sugar cereals. Based on your review, I think I will give this one a miss!
Have a great Easter weekend. I wish the forecast was for warm sunny weather, but I hear it is to rain all weekend! Oh well, you know what they say, "April showers bring May flowers." Here's hoping! So far there is not a single daffodil in bloom.

Karen said...

Oh, you're right, it does look like dog food! Thank you for the review, I will steer clear of this one. Oh, my.

Rosanne said...

As soon as I looked at I thought it looked like dog food too!

Rebecca said...

Since I don't even feed kibble to my dog, he eats mostly raw. I always read ingredient on the box, I am trying so hard to eat non- processed foods these day. It is hard, you can not rely on the front of the box. I watched a Market Place episode on "Natural" claims on packages Talk about an eye opener!


Just the word fibre... makes me gag.