Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Coupons and Samples

I have a dirty little secret to share!
I spend  some of my semi retirement time  finding   coupons and free samples.
Why DO  I keep it secret? 
 Decided to   let everyone in on my favourite  spots to  get   coupons and samples....
Found with so many new products   coming out what if I buy  the large size just to find out I don't like that product! That has happened more than once.
 What if that perfume is just not the right scent on me, or the product doesn't work the way claimed. Then I am stuck with  a bottle or whatever  that ends up in the garbage.

Here is my current collection of samples and coupons. 
Soaps, perfume,  snacks , and coupons for coffee and  hair products.

I must say  I prefer  getting the small samples to try first. Once I like a new product then  I try to get a coupon for that product if it doesn't come with the sample. 
I get samples from Proctor and GambleFree Canadian Samples and  most of my coupons from Save.ca.http://save.ca/
I feel so much  better now I have shared my " big" secret.....


Bonnie said...

My co-worker and I have gotten into couponing big time. I used to use tons of coupons when I was a stay-at-home mom, and I did every refund I could find. Refunds seem to have gone by the wayside, but if you watch the sales and find good coupons, there's great deals to be had.

Linda S said...

You are tooo funny!! I love it!! Wish I had as many samples and not so many coupons!

Rosanne said...

This is an excellent way to save some $$$!

Rosemary said...

Bonnie good tip to look for refunds.
Linda glad you got a smile I was hoping.
Rosanne agree about the $$$

Shady Gardener said...

Way to go! I've begun cutting and using coupons again, myself. Thanks for including your link.


I'll have to look into your links. Things continue to go up and a freebie is always nice.