Thursday, 10 February 2011

Another touch of spring indoors and possibly a sign of spring?

Yes another indoor  touch of spring. This pot of  bulbs are from Sherry and Rosanne my daughters .  Thank you girls.
It is just starting to open .

How lovely that bright shade of yellow and the scent heavenly.

The sign of spring?
Out the back window a large flock of snow buntings landed. They are lovely, so white.

I believe they winter in the mid US. 
So if I am guessing right they have flown this far north on their way back to the Arctic.
I am not a birder so  my info is coming from a book.
Note  the sunshine, it is very cold here  Arctic like  but there is the  promise of warmer weather next week.
Hope so I am cold!


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Kim and Victoria said...

Those daffodils made me smile! Looks like I have one last amaryllis going to bloom. I'm really looking forward to it.