Monday, 17 January 2011

Most Depressing Day?

We are doomed  to a depressing day!

 January 17th ,today has been declared the most depressing day of the year by   the "experts" from Cardiff University in Wales..
So how are you doing?   Too snowy and cold ? Too  many grey days?  Cabin Fever? Christmas Visa bill just arrive?
Suggestions on keeping the gloom away?
I say,
stay home (retired),
play hooky from school. the gym  and work(everyday)....  wrap up in a warm blanket ( love my afghan) ,  pull out the hidden chocolate ( is it ever hidden) or whatever is your secret vice(too many to list) ,put on some Caribbean music(Jimmy Buffet my choice) pull out a good mystery  book (James Patterson on bedside table)  or find that jigsaw puzzle you got at Christmas(2 years ago), make your favourite comfort food ( scalloped potatoes ,some pasta  , a big hunk of warm bread  fresh out of the oven slathered with butter or some chocolate cake; all of the  above!  ).
Or be around teenagers  never boring, never dull.
If no   young adults to keep one on toes ..........
Then  start looking forward to June 17.

The professor Cliff Arnall  that came up with this  depressing formula  was paid by Sky Travel  .
Do you see a connection?

By the way June 17th ,
that's the day that Cliff Arnall -- this time, paid by an ice cream company -- has decided is "the happiest day of the year."

Hum wonder if there is any ice cream left?


Nancy Y said...

Great post, lol! The scalloped potatoes and bread sound soooo good! After I pay the credit card bill I plan to buy myself something nice - it makes it hurt less! Have A Wonderful Un-Depressing Day! :D

jaz@octoberfarm said...

tell me about hockey! i am friends with both the jagr and the nedved family and when they were still playing in the nhl, those games almost killed me!!!

Kim and Victoria said...

No problems here, I'm taking the next four days off!

Rosanne said...

The sun helped to make it not too depressing today! Tomorrow migth be a different story though......they're suggesting freezing rain,yuck!


I hate the cold. Bring on some sun already.

Shady Gardener said...

I made banana bread today (and ate a little chocolate!). :-) This was a cute post.

Rosemary said...

Nancy thank you had a great day.
Jaz , made me smile
Kim and Victoria, enjoy your days off
Rosanne so hoping they are wrong about the freezing rain.
No Reason,with you want some sun and soon.
Shady, glad you found the post cute and yum re your banana bread and chocolate stash ...