Friday, 14 January 2011

January, It's cold and snowy!

Brrr,it is mid winter.
Shovelling every other day.

Weak January sun shining on the back garden ravine  at Sherry's.

 Don't these Adirondack  chairs look   forlorn, yet they hold the promise of warmer days.

Bright red berries on this burning bush add some colour to the white landscape.
The leaves
long gone on the burning bush , now
reveal  a bird nest  crowned with snow nestling in the branches.Smart bird has flown off to warmer climes....even tho there
 is  a  certain beauty and peacefulness to  the winter

I    yearn for the day I see  little green sprouts
pushing up out of the ground.


Rosanne said...

Great pictures!

jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Hi Rosemary, I like the new look- very sophisticated! The blue type on the grey is nice. Your winter pictures are very pretty and I love the whimsical birdcage cards in the last post. More snow is forecast for tomorrow. Stay warm and enjoy the weekend! Jennifer

Karen said...

What a neat discovery of the bird's nest in the burning bush. Winter does have beauty all its own. Lovely pictures!

Bonnie said...

Everyone is posting snow pictures (me included) I almost bought myself a hyacinth today, I need a breath of spring. Love the smell of them.

Kim and Victoria said...

We're all yearning for spring. I have a feeling next month will be cabin fever month.

Rosemary said...

Rosanne, I am still learning this new camera.
Jennifer, thanks for the compliment on the new blog look trying to keep it simple.
Karen, thanks I am trying to appreciate the beauty of winter even tho I long for spring.
Bonnie, sometimes one needs a touch of spring to keep the cold at bay.
Kim and Victoria; agree about cabin fever...


I do hope the bread worked out for you. Should you post a picture/post, I'd be happy to link back to you.

Sherry said...

Thanks for leaving the hyacinths Mom!
They smell wonderful and still have one more sprout coming up!