Thursday, 23 December 2010

Dulce De Leche Macaroons and Cherry Meringue Cookies.

Well I did not stick to my plan of only making  5  Christmas cookie treats.... I do have a good excuse. The  store bought  Dulce de leche I had in the  cupboard and it needed to be used up and I had  egg whites left over from  a recipe. Couldn't be wasteful could I? Found  the Dulce De Leche recipe on line  at Taste and Tell blog.
Perhaps I should have stopped at the  first  5 items . Not happy with the way these look. I don't think it was the recipe I think it was the store bought   dulce.  If I had used  regular condensed milk and  made the dulce myself I think it would have been successful. They do taste good however.

Next I had left over  candied cherries to combine with the egg whites.
These are called Forgotten Cookies.
2 egg whites

Pinch of salt

2/3 c. sugar

1/2 tsp. vanilla

Preheat oven to 375. Beat egg whites, to which salt has been added, until  very stiff. Beat in sugar and vanilla. Fold in candied cherries.
Drop spoonfuls onto parchment paper.  Turn off heat at once and leave for 2 hours or even overnight, thus the name" forgotten" .
These cookies are  delightful  . Light and  sweet.... Alternatively you could add chocolate chips and pecans.....
  I really am done baking cookies.  Now to package them up to share with  the neighbours and family....


Bonnie said...

I keep finding recipes I want to try,too. I've made 12 different kinds of cookies! Luckily I give most of them away. Made fudge last night for my father - 1 1/2 bags of white choc. chips, 1 can condensed milk, choped cashews & chopped dried cherries. Couldn't be easier and it's delicious! I love making Christmas cookies, just don't want to be the one to eat them all. Your's look great.


I'd made those but never incorporated anything into the forgotten cookies. Maybe next time.

You've been baking up a storm... time to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Rosanne said...

Oh more yummy goodness1

Jannett said...

Baking can just never end.... :)
Have a wonderful holiday...

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Oh my, they look yummy!