Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Bloomin Tuesday!

We have had a killing hard frost here and the final tender annuals are done.
Poor dwarf Marigolds. They certainly lasted a long time .
Lovely red leaves on the Chinese azalea add a nice brightness to the side garden.

Cheery still are the flowering kale.

Tho the sunflowers plants are gone, the seed heads I've tied up on the arbour and the birds are happily enjoying.


Darla said...

Love your header photo! Jack Frost has been hanging around here the past few days too. Massive sunflower seed heads.

perennialgardener said...

Yep once you get the first killing frost alot of the tender things just wither away. I'm sure the birds are so appreciative of that tasty winter treat. :)

Patsi said...

Amazing....everything looks lovely.
The Chinese azalea is new to me...maybe a keeper for my garden.

Greenearth said...

Enjoyed your photos and the sharing of your passage into Winter. Love the seeds on your sunflowers, what lucky birds.

Patsi said...

Wow !! They look like really large sunflower heads.
The kale is so pretty.

Jean said...

I love plants that have colorful fall leaves. The kale is wonderful! I always say I'm going to get some but never do. Jean


Frost this morning. Oh how I hate that the cold is coming.