Thursday, 9 September 2010

Garden Club Fall Tour

Most Garden Clubs tour in the spring or early summer. My garden club decided to tour gardens in September. Tho the day was cool and windy it was perfect weather to view the gardens. We visited 6 very different gardens. Surprising how much was still in bloom. We have had a very hot dry summer yet most gardens were green and lush.
One garden had large coleus glowing with colour something one would not have seen earlier in the season, others had touches of whimsy , many had lovely vines and grasses shading hidden sitting areas, water features, bright pots leading to a front door so welcoming, some it was spectacular views of the waterfront ,others the quaintness of a farm garden.
We stopped for lunch at The Homestead a private dining experience. The Homestead uses fresh in season local produce . A fitting finale to the day.
Certainly the gardens viewed are inspiring, giving me lots of ideas for next spring.It was a nice change to go in the fall to see the gardens at a different time of the year.
Enjoy the tour.


Rosanne said...

Looks like you toured some interesting gardens!

Kim and Victoria said...

Fall is a great time to see different things in gardens. What a great idea.