Sunday, 26 September 2010

Fall TV Season, my take!

Fall Tv season has started. Made a concentrated effort to try a few of the new shows and of course had to welcome back some old favourites.
Will give you my senior take , and hopefully hear from you what you liked and what you will pass on.
Hellcats - good writing not as juvenile as expected.Will it become another Glee ?Don't think so.Glee tried many times and unless a special star is on don't watch on a regular basis.
Parenthood- checked it out, won't be back just can't relate anymore.
Any Vampire show- passed on.Read some of Ann Rice books but not a genre I buy into.
Survivor- more of the same old, same old even the challenges seen before. Will check in from time to time to see how the geezers do.
Outlaw- Love Jimmie Smits , don't think it will last tho, needs to develop .
The Apprentice- again more of the same old , tired of nasty behavior which I don't want to see ,I really want the celebs back, see more of the D's kids and less of the Donald.
Boardwalk Empire-good period piece.
Dancing with the Stars- admit I am a sucker for this show. Love dancing.
House- fantastic, great season opener.
Two and a half Men- can't stand Charley Sheen, so pass on this show , can't believe the money this guy makes .
LoneStar -passed on it , could not fit it in with all other shows winning over viewing it. Why do networks overload one night?
The Event- needed something to fill the void of Lost, not sure this one is it, slow made no sense. But will watch a couple more times.
Castle- Good show.
Hawaii 5-0 - thank goodness NBC is repeating some shows on Saturday night, I did like it .
Chase- another cop show but love the female lead and the actors from Prison Break that are on this show. Also caught it Sat. night.
NCIS's- Excellent - both shows.
Undercovers- Blah! This one can be yanked asap! Thought the acting was so bad , forced. Won't watch this again.
Criminal Minds- Quality show ; the season opener so scary. Tim Curry was superb as the evil character. Music in this show excellent too.
Csi's- Love these shows, all 3 ; in particular Sela Ward in NY very good.
Fringe- Sci Fi what can I say , the best.
Bones- usually enjoy this show but the season opener just did not capture me , will keep watching tho.
The Mentalist- felt the same as with Bones just not a great opener. Maybe I am overdoing it on cop shows.
Blue Bloods- was looking forward to seeing Tom Selleck again and like Mark Wahlberg. Show is okay needs time to develop, wonder if it will get it.
Big Bang Theory- Just started to watch and love the quirkiness of this comedy.
#@% ny father says- how can one not like William Shatner , Trekkie that I am, will this show make it? Don't know.
Comedy's- in general find I try them ,but don't become a fan; finding them too young .Do enjoy Hot in Cleveland with Betty White. I am just not hip enough. Dating myself...
30 Rock and Mad Men - tried, could not get into.
A@E's- The Glades turned into a favourite over the summer, very good show, well written.
Looking forward to Amazing Race , Dexter , Brothers and Sister and Battle of the Blades tonight. Could not believe AR lost an award to Top Chef , like Top Chef but to me AR is a quality show, great for families, educational. I watch TC off season.
Desperate Housewives I catch off season.
For those who are not Canadian, Battle of the Blades is a CBC show pairing hockey players with figure skaters performing ice routines , this is the second season. A true Canadian show and well watched here.
2 shows yet to premiere Lie to Me and Human Target, both I like.
Having reread this I see my love of mysteries come thru. Perhaps I should expand with a few more comedies. Any recommendations? What do you like?
Or, perhaps I should do more than watch TV?
Nah, Winter is coming have to do something on cold Canadian nights.



Awww, to be retired. Where else would you find the time?...LOL

Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely on every single one! LOL! The "Bones" premier didn't really fit the bill, did it? It was just "there". Oh, and yet another blonde love for Booth. ugh. But Fringe is one of those shows I got into late in the game and LOVE it! I also like House.

Rosanne said...

Can't wait for Battle and AR tonight! And Dexter too, thank goodness for timeshifting!I liked both CSI's this week, Dancing was good, $%^* My Dad Says was entetaining too. Have House and Bones recorded, haven't watched them yet.

verobirdie said...

HiRosemary, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
I see we have similar tests re. series, although I've not seen all the ones you mention. I like Castle, and am sorry I can't get it in English, I'm sure it is more fun.
Re Mentalist, I saw two episodes last week that I found very good. I can't tell you their #, since our channel tends to send them in random order, arghhhhhh
Enjoy your TV fall!

Patsi said...

I TVO all my shows for odd time viewing.
Castle...cute show,even my husband likes it.
House is always good.
Lone Star is interesting...not crazy about the fathers.
Bones is another fun show.
Desperate Housewives has a great cast...not sure about the new additions yet.
Sorry can't watch reality shows.
Watch Hot in Cleveland,some CSI's also Criminal Minds it's not too scary.
Love the Mentalist sooo cute.
What else...hmmmm
Oh, Two and a half Men and NCIS .
Boardwalk Empire is getting recorded but can't watch more than the first 15 minutes....will try again later (did you know I work on the games supervisor).

Kim and Victoria said...

I am stuck on Fringe, that's for sure.
Also really like Mad Men, 30 Rock and Parenthood. Catch Glee occasionally. I have too many shows I record now, don't really want to add to that! I need time to return to my knitting now that winter is approaching.