Friday, 2 July 2010

Garden update

These last few summer mornings have been delightful; coolish , no humidity, so I sip my coffee on the back patio checking the gardens.
Here are some of the plants I am enjoying.
Fragrant Treasure Daylily, this is the second year and it is loaded with buds and flowers.

Elsa Spath clematis
Hydrangea was supposed to be blue this one is more mauve but still lovely.
This is an unnamed daylily , given from the garden club , seems like a spider type with pretty green yellow throat with wine outer petals. Still deciding if I like it.
Dark knight buddleia is just starting to flower, rather early this summer , it had lots of flowers yet to come.
My shade planter is gorgeous , this is planted with one mint mocha coleus and one dragon wing begonia the coleus is extremely healthy.
Even the pansies are still putting on a good show.
2 varieties of sunflowers yet to come , Kong and Russian.
I have 5 tomato plants, 2 Beefsteak ,2 Glamour and 1 sweet million , lot of flowers on these plants and even some tomatoes already . Can hardly wait to see them ripen , nothing nicer than fresh tomatoes out of the garden.


verobirdie said...

Those pictures are really sweet. I love daylillies and hydrangeas. Yours are beautiful.

Rosanne said...

looks lovely!

Jannett said...

I can see your blog again....:) !!!!
Great photos... :)

Shady Gardener said...

Oh, Yea! I can visit you again!! I have no idea what you had to do . . . and I'm not even sure what Mr. BrownThumb's comments meant. ;-) I'm getting "computer-rusty."

Looks so nice over there!

Rose Forever said...

Oh! Your flowers are gorgeous. They are enjoying the cool temperature. I love the color of your daylilies. My daylilies are really yummy when mixed in a salad. Thanks for sharing.

crystal rose said...

Your flowers are really lovely. I like the way you pictured them. I also have Cordyalis in my garden and looking at them every morning makes me smile. Flowers are really freshens up your minds.