Thursday, 24 June 2010

Up a Lazy River

Up the lazy river by the old mill run
That lazy, lazy river in the noon day sun
You can linger in the shade of that fine ole tree
Throw away your troubles,baby, dream with me.

This song was playing in my head when DH and I spent 3 hours slowly boating up not a river but Big Creek.
Big Creek flows thru a bird and wildlife sanctuary near Long Point.

Wide muddy water edged with willows bending low over the stream,
Some trees reaching out into the water brushing the boat as we slipped quietly by.
The air was warm and still, with birds adding song from time to time.
We weaved in and around some very narrow spots .

Dh was looking for the best fishing spots I was just enjoying the serenity of the scenery.
Hope you enjoyed the boat ride.

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