Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunday in the back garden

Sunday in the garden; bright splashes of colour.
Pot of Pansies to brighten the side patio table.

Alliums are the last of the spring bulbs to flower.
The baptista is just starting to bud with its pea shaped purpley blue flowers.
Underneath I have newly planted purple Angelonia, dark face . Dayliles for later in the season are in this part of the garden.

My shade planter contains Angel Wing begonia ,soft pink in colour accented with a new coleus named Mint Mocha it has a lovely ruffled edge with cream, green and mocha colouring plus small blue and white lobelias to fill in.

The Fringe tree is fringing out , looking forward to the lovely scent.

The Milky Way dogwood is very slowly leafing out l. I was rather worried that it had not made it thru the first winter in my garden. Now it has swelling buds from the top to the bottom and few baby leaves and flower buds are showing. I did double check with the nursery where it was purchased last spring and they told me the first year or so dogwoods tend to open rather slowly; never heard that but seems to be true on this one.Just happy to see that it has lived especially in this windy yard.

A hanging bright fuchsia to draw in the hummingbirds thanks to my daughter Sherry. Pretty isn't it. The shepherds hook hold the fuchsia and wind chimes and is positioned so one can appreciate it when in the living room as well as on the patio.

This little impatien won me over with its interesting colour it is called Fusion Glow exotic , the throat has a cherry red surrounded by tangerine then the lemon yellow outer petals.
The bane of my existence has been killing heucheras yet these 2 are thriving each has many flower stocks on them; perhaps the secret to these beauties I finally understand...plant and ignore. The white astilbe is looking very healthy as well.
Hope you enjoyed this early spring back garden tour.


Rosanne said...

Everything is looking really good!

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Thanks for showing your current joys !
Fuchsia is amazing. said...

The garden is looking good...The Fringe tree is very interesting.... I had not heard of this tree before..pretty cool...:)

Rebecca said...

your flowers are looking so lovely. In my flower and herb garden, the grass has taken over. Hope to remedy that soon

Kim and Victoria said...

I agree with your theory for growing heucheras, that must be why I finally have two alive now......