Monday, 3 May 2010

Lovely spring day for gardening

After a rain shower in the night the morning dawned with a bright blue sky temperature today 24C. What does a gardener do ? Garden!
I spread more topsoil on my back garden then started planting.
My new purchases,
Blue Hydrangea

Viburnum, Korean Spice.

Elsa Spath Clematis

Stargazer lilies

Sunflower seeds, Kong and Giant Russian.

Canna roots forgot to take a picture!
The 2 new trees planted last year were very slow to bud this spring even with the mild weather I was starting to be concerned.
Here is the fringe tree just showing a bit of green.

The tree I was most worried about the Milky Way Dogwood buds are just swelling now.
Environment Canada is forecasting rain again tonight. Wouldn't that be perfect. Rain at night , sun in the daylight.


Rosanne said...

Nice plant choices!

Kim and Victoria said...

That is perfect, isn't it? Rain at night, sun during the day.
Love your new plants. Surprised you didn't buy out the nursery(s). It's always so hard to come up with restraint in the spring.