Monday, 26 April 2010

Rainy Sunday

Sunday was a rainy day.
Happy to see the moisture. This spring has been lovely, warm, sunny but dry. Gardens needed the rain in fact this Monday morning, the garden looks much greener.
I swear the Rhubarb has grown a foot.
The rain did not stop me from getting outside even for a few minutes.
For the first time the bird bath is filled with water.

" Here Birdie, time for a bath!"
Installed a shepherd's hook and hung my wind chimes.

The Bells of Vienna chimes were given as a Christmas gift by Rosanne .
The sound of these chimes is very musical. The chime is in the note of G, I think..
Okay, I do have to confess ,the weather became so windy and rainy , it made me retreat to the house and finished crocheting a lacy cap.

Even so I still was able to enjoy a flower inside; my clivia has re flowered bigger and better than last year..

All and all enjoyable Sunday, even with the rain .

1 comment:

Rosanne said...

The hook looks great with the chimes and so does the clivia!