Thursday, 8 April 2010

Grey Rainy April Weather

It is raining here and has been for several days.
Grey yet mild .
I am not complaining . It has been amazingly mild for this time of the year.
Average temperatures for this area of Ontario should be 12 C yet we have just gone thru 2 weeks of bright sunshine with temps of 20C.
In March we had no snowfall at all, a first in recorded weather. Very dry .
So I am happy to see the rain making everything green and grow. This weather has forsythia and magnolia trees flowering a month early.
In my garden the crocuses are done but the daffodils are flowering now.

My new shrub planted last fall; Chinese Azalea is just starting to flower.
These mauvy coloured blossoms are about 1 inch in width.
Look how tall the chives are!
A good 10 inches.
Bleeding heart has spread and growing vigorously.

See the rhubarb hiding behind the azalea!

My first planter of the season full of cheery pansies and a single primrose.
With mild temperatures so early makes one wonder what the summer will be like.


Rosanne said...

I'm loving this mild weather too, even if its rainy!

willow said...

I am so happy that this winter was mild! I hate the snow! Now if it could just stay spring all year round I would be the happiest of happy campers!

Bobbi-Lynn said...

I agree, I don't care for the rain, but at least it's not snow LOL Love your flower pics, they make me feel cheery

Lythrum said...

Nice blooms you have going on :) We went from snow a few weeks ago to 86 degrees. But then we'll be in the mid-30's for the next few nights. Crazy weather!

Shady Gardener said...

Is it me, or do some of the colors stand out much more vibrantly on an overcast day?? At least it makes one feel happier! :-)

Cher said...

The daffodil and panies are lovely. So cheery!

Kim and Victoria said...

Well if your weather is anything like ours has been you'll be seeing snow again soon before any warmer weather. We're supposed to start warming up again here tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it, although you just can't complain about the spring rains, especially when you live in a desert! :-)