Friday, 26 March 2010

Red Hats Luncheon

This month it was my turn to help organize the Red Hats outing. With my partner Beryl we chose The Country Homestead, for a quiche, salad lunch.. Homestead is a fully restored 19th century farmhouse located on a family farm about 10 minutes from Long Point. The homestead is set amid gardens and lawns decorated with gazebos and fountains..unfortunately in March in SW Ontario there was only a hint of the beauty in the gardens.
Luncheon or dinners are by reservation only and the least they will entertain ; parties of 4 or more....
We were greeted by this guy welcoming us in the window which more than made up for the cool spring day.

Each room had touches of Easter , this is the sitting sunroom , love all the egg garland at the windows of this gracious room.
The fireplace was roaring in the dining room , which was accentuated with exposed beams and many treasures of country life.
Love the way the egg garland is tied on the fireplace.

Accents of Easter were scattered on top of the mantle..

On tables
Under lamps;
In baskets;
Simple , lovely festive atmosphere .

Red Hats being seated.
We laughed, drank a bit of wine,played a red trivia game I found on the Internet, ate the oh so good food and topped off lunch with either lemon meringue or coconut cream pies....
One last bunny saying Goodbye on the hall table..
Now to get busy and decorate my home for Easter.


Rosanne said...

Sounds like a really nice outing!

Lythrum said...

Looks like you guys had fun, and it was a good choice. :)