Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bright Sunny Early Spring Day!

Bright blue sky , lots of sun; oh my, how nice it looks till one steps outside. Cold and windy. Pretty but gloves and a warm coat are needed. Still I found some encouraging signs of spring.
Chives are up and growing just in time for accents on Easter dinner.

Mums made it thru the winter.

Chinese azalea is loaded with looking forward to seeing this shrub flower in April.

King Alfred Daffodils are up and budding as well.... What a joy their yellow heads in May.

Frosty Morn sedum ;
Purple Black Knight Buddelia has put on some new leaves.
Lovely day , tho the weather forecasters used that nasty 4 letter word starting with S for the weekend .
Heck ,they have been wrong before!


Rosanne said...

Like those little sprouts of spring!

Kim and Victoria said...

Awwwwwwww, not more snow!
Our daffs are just now blooming and looking very pretty. I watch the Northwest garden blogs looking a month ahead of us, you're at least a month behind. Catch up! ;-)