Saturday, 13 February 2010

Olympics 2010

I am a proud Canadian and have to do a little flag waving today.
The opening ceremony of the Olympics was a terrific show.
A fantastic interpretation of Canada.
From the LED bear to the aurora borealis to the leaves falling in autumn to KD Lang singing Hallelujah to the prairie wire artist .
The finish of the cross Canada torch run in the pouring rain to light a beautiful representation of an ice cauldron.
The sadness for the loss of the Georgian luge Olympian.
Even the silly protesters.


Kim and Victoria said...

I really enjoyed watching it also. I didn't stay up for the entire show but I recorded it so hubby and I can view it together. Very, very, nice. Made me feel happy for Canada!

Rosanne said...

It was a good ceremony!

Kim and Victoria said...

We finished watching the entire opening ceremony! OMG! We were in awe!!!!