Saturday, 9 January 2010

Where ,Oh, Where!

has my green thumb gone? My house plants are not flowering for me!
Remember the amaryllis I was so excited about sprouting? Looking so forward to the bright flowers to come.
Not a sign of a flower!
The clivia
that should be flowering, nope.
2 orchids I have pampered, zilch!
Fertilized they have been, tried cooler temps, decreased light, water, less water, more light, no fertilizer.Nothing!
Only plant with a flower is the peace lily.

In the middle of a very cold winter, -15 degrees C. last night; I need some cheery flowers to brighten these dark days.


Rosanne said...

At least the leaves are green! But you're right flowers would be nice!

Mary said...

The foliage is beautiful, but possibly they need a bit of fertilizer to get them to bloom.


Kim and Victoria said...

I've had house plants that didn't flourish. Know where they are now???
I don't either! Ha ha ha.