Thursday, 28 January 2010


Wanted to see this movie not only because of all the hype but partly because love sci fi and I remember when 3-D first came out in the 50's.
Yes, I am that old.
There is quite the buzz that this is the worst film ever made besides being the most expensive.
My taste must be bad but loved it.
The 3-D effects amazing. Beautifully coloured film.
Light storyline but grew to care for the characters. Cheered for the people of Pandora against the big military machine... I always cheer for the underdog.
This film impressed me as fresh and new even tho many think this has been done before . Sci fi is rarely ever really appreciated.
I for one , just hope there is a sequel.


Bobbi-Lynn said...

I really liked it too, and I am not much of a sci fi fan, so that says a lot!

Rosanne said...

I liked it too, thought the 3-D effects were great!

Cher said...

I have been waiting for a review from someone who has seen it. Now I am going to make plans to go see it too. It certainly looks beautiful.

Rebecca said...

I loved this movie as well, saw it in 3D. I too remember the old 3D movies, don't remember them giving me a migraine though. It was still worth the migraine

Carol VR said...

I also saw it in 3D...FANTASTIC. Rumor is they are making a trilogy.

Shady Gardener said...

Your comments echo all I've heard about the film so far. Glad you enjoyed it! :-)


Good evening Rosemary, i am glad you enjoyed the film, ive heard good reviews on it, but havn't seen it myself. I love your valentine bag below too. I hope you are well and are having a good week. Hugs Linda x

Kim and Victoria said...

I really enjoyed it also and after the reviews I didn't expect to. I thought the storyline was perfect for that type of movie, it's all about the stuff of legend and deserves a classic storyline. I loved the digital Pandora planet also.