Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Ready for Christmas?

The weather today is sensational, high of 10C. , bright sunshine, no wind.
What does that have to do with Christmas?
I have decorated the front porch for the up coming holidays:
The revamped wreath is on the front door,

Greens ready for the pots,

Pots ready for filling,

Note hydrangea shrub behind the planter!

Finished front porch , used the hydrangea in the arrangements to fill in spots.

Hopefully the front looks welcoming.
These lights are next to put on the bushes in the front garden.

What a great weather day to do these jobs!


Rosanne said...

Oh, your urns, wreath and table arrangement look terrific!

Joanne said...

Everything looks beautifully done! I could take some lessons from you!