Monday, 9 November 2009

Indian summer ?

Indian summer for sure!
Early this morning walking Buddy this was the pink /red sky that greeted me.

The temperature at 7 was a balmy 10C far above our usual normal of plus one.Normal temps for this time of the year highs of 9 lows of 1. This above normal temperatures are to last for the week except for 1 day....maybe making up for the cool and rainy weather we have had all summer and fall.

A touch of gold ,one of the few maples with leaves still hanging on.

Russet red of a ninebark.

A few berries on a bare branch.
What a pleasure to walk on this mild morning.


Rosanne said...

What lovely photos you took! Isn't the mild weather nice?!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely morning. The coor of the sky is so nice!

SHerry said...

Beautiful pictures Mom - great weather to be enjoying right now!!

Rosemary said...

Rosanne, the sky was just gorgeous.

Cher, those were the true colours just fantastic.

Sherry, It is great weather , if only it would last for a while more.

Kim and Victoria said...

VERY pretty!