Monday, 23 November 2009

Another Gorgeous November Day!

This has been a rainy below normal temperatures year, rare to have 2 days of sun in a row..yet November's weather has been some of the nicest this year, today sunshine, blue sky , and a high of 10C.
Itching to take advantage of this lovely day I went to, where else does a gardener go; but to a Garden center; actually 2, both filled with ideas for Christmas decor.
Some of the baubles that caught my eye.

Bright colour!

Some planters that had stars on small thin dowels to dangle above the arrangement.
Using these dowels again twig balls suspended above the greens

Unusual greens and twigs

A white, silver and glass theme.

Traditional red and green.
Who remembers the old flocked trees? This photo does not do the tree justice, the tree and flocking gorgeous.
Bright apple green!
Was fun to browse and see how the new decorating ideas.......enjoyed the sunny drive ...


Rosanne said...

Such pretty inspiration!

Hendria said...

lots of inspiration there... It was nice to go for a drive...the weather has been great... :)

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Love the out door creations.
It's fun to be creative and artsy.
Funny, how everyone is advertising for Christmas already.

noodlegirl said...

Oh I love it!