Monday, 19 October 2009

Annual Girls Weekend

This past weekend was "The Girls" annual shopping trip to Saginaw Mi.
We try to get Christmas shopping done but end up somehow finding more for ourselves and our homes.

On the road again!

Lined up at the border,

Duty Free stop, Sherry and Rosanne ;

Crawled out of bed after 1st day of shopping(note wine in bucket)

Is there enough coffee in the world?

Some of us are brighter in the AM than others!

Sister Donna;Which store next? How much money do I have left?

Strange ladies at our room window!

Supper at Outback;

Scared at midnight by Winking witches with their color changing ghost !

Last morning, heading for a hardy breakfast
to help us get thru the last of shopping trip .....

Great fun to get away , lots of laughs , found some bargains and managed to purchase a few Christmas gifts !


Rosanne said...

Some good pics there(and some not so great ones of me...why can't my eyes stay open?)! It was a fun weekend, thanks for coordinating!

Sherry said...

Was lots of fun this weekend! Always have a great time!
Anne your eyes are closed because you are smiling so widely - that is it!!!

Thanks Mom!

Happy Birthday too!!!

Kim and Victoria said...

What fun! I love shopping with friends. Love the "not enough coffee in the world."