Friday, 18 September 2009

September garden at Rosanne's

I am on Gramma duty again..... with teenagers I must say very easy, so I get to play and shop and enjoy Rosanne and Steve's garden.......
At the end of summer ( this weekend is the last weekend) we are enjoying the best weather of the season.
No rain, sunny bright days warm in the day, coolish at night.......heaven !
Some pots Rosanne planted up seem to be glowing in this weather;
By the front door, the salvia and mum compliment each other and the purple verbena add a nice trailing effect..

In the front flower bed is a striking colour combo; blue, 2 shades of purple and white, simply beautiful.
On the back patio.

Trying to reflower before frost, will this delphinium make it?

One lone day lily, still flowering;

Black eyed Susan's, shining;
Green Moon Japanese maple just starting to change colour;

Grass garden in its glory;

Hydrangeas:my favourite is the bluish mauve one,

Last blossom on the fuchsia butterfly bush;think I will prune off spent blooms to see if I can encourage more flowers and butterflies........Steve did leave the pruners handy for me in case I get the urge to prune anything(he knows I love pruning for some strange reason!)

Trailing nasturtium is still flowering beautifully.

Now where did Steve put those pruners?


Becca's Dirt said...

The first and second photo are breathtaking. Love it. I know you must have found those pruners by now. You are funny.

Have a great weekend. Becca

Raph G. Neckmann said...

I love the purple and white composition of plants - stunning!

Rosanne said...

Why do gardens always look better in photos than real life? Thanks for highlighting them Mom!