Monday, 28 September 2009

Rainy, Windy Autumn Monday

This is the view out the front door... forecasting a very windy, rainy couple of days..........Girls are off to school after a nice Sunday .
Brittany made applesauce using the apples she picked on Saturday.
These are Cortlands

Brittany prepping the apples

Cooking and yes the skins are still on, so all the goodness goes into the sauce.

Finished product skins, removed, cinnamon and nutmeg added, Brittany is very happy with her applesauce.

What am I going to do today, laundry lots of laundry, some housework and then playtime in Rosanne's craft room using a new stamp I bought and make up some cards..

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Rosanne said...

The applesauce looks wonderful!And so does the stamp!