Saturday, 5 September 2009

Frugality! Cheap! Smart!

The definition of frugality is
the reduction of waste, curbing costly habits, suppressing instant gratification by means of fiscal self-restraint, seeking efficiency, avoiding traps, defying expensive social norms..thrifty, sparing, careful, prudent, provident, parsimonious, abstemious, penny-wise, saving, cheeseparing...........
Ugh, don't like the parsimonious word.......... But...........Yes
I have joined the ranks of thrifty minded seniors.!
I have started to collect coupons and use them.......checking out and looking for free samples, trying to win contests!and
asking for breaks on large purchases."Is that the best you can do?" Always have shopped sales, especially on enjoy finding that expensive item at 50% off.Never really had the timeto really devout to searching out the "deals"..
I like to think I am now doing these things because I have the time, because I enjoy the hunt ... not because I am cheap.... But !
Why do I feel the need to explain watching pennies?
When did it become a bad thing to be careful with hard earned money?
When did society change and become so impressed by spending.
Always been a bit of the rebel, never did like following the crowd and guess that hasn't changed.
To this point ; I have received a package of samples from Proctor and Gamble.
Hurrah to this company. Inside were samples of hair shampoos and conditioner, olay , deodorant and a razor .

I will try these products. I applaud P&G for this initiative. This certainly encourages me to try and to consider their products.
Coupons and sample of Purex laundry detergent came from Again a product I will consider carefully.

Cheap or a senior or just being smart?
What am I?


Crafty Gardener said...

Most definitely a smart shopper.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

This all sounds very sensible, Rosemary. Another word which is often frowned upon - but which I'm very fond of. Put together with other words it sounds wonderful: Fun, sensible, gleefulness, frugality, creativity! They all mix together very well!

Good for Proctor and Gamble - I wish we could get their samples over in Giraffe World - find that portal! :)

Lythrum said...

I read some time ago in the Tightwad Gazette a discussion about the difference between being frugal and being cheap. I think it boiled down to where being frugal was where you reduced spending on things that don't matter to you so that you would have it to spend on things that do matter. Being cheap was where you were...just cheap. Like people who always "accidentally" left their wallet back at the office and need you to pay.

Rosanne said... have always been a rebel! But a smart rebel!!!

Noodlegirl said...

Smart! Thats for sure!!!

Kim and Victoria said...

My vote is on BEING SMART! We're always pinching pennies, and it helps.