Friday, 5 June 2009

McMillan's Iris Farm

Thursday dawned bright and sunny.
What to do?
For a little jaunt went to McMillan's Iris Farm , iris are at their peak right now.
This farm is located just south of Woodstock.
There are several fields, filled with wonderful fragrance and bright colours.
Got lots of ideas, fell in love with one combo of white and deep purple.Houdini and Howdy Do. Find I am drawn to the variegated iris. Did not buy any . Yet!


Anonymous said...

How lovely! They have always been one f my favorite flowers.

Rosanne said...

They do all look very pretty!

Rosemary said...

Cher, This was a nice stroll thru the gardens
Rosanne, I was surprised I resisted buying .

Kim and Victoria said...

Oh I love iris. Love the flowers, love the scent. Such sturdy plants, too.

Hendria said...

I have been there they have lovely iris... I am thinking that I did not buy any there either..Great photos... :_