Sunday, 14 June 2009

Garden purchases

I am starting slowly to fill my empty garden beds........
Picked a Milky Way Kousa Dogwood, small tree to accent the east end of the patio.

The description of this tree said it will abundantly bloom over a long late spring and early summer season.The flowers are creamy-white changing to rose tinged , appearing to weigh down the slightly down turned branches. They are followed by masses of red berries that birds find irresistible,in the autumn, leaves change into bold shades of red. And when the foliage finally falls,it has a well-branched silhouette of mottled bi color bark on display.
'Milky Way' is resistant to most pests and diseases (including Anthracnose). Zones 5-8.Plant Width: 20 ft - 30 ft Plant Height: 20 ft - 30 ft
Could not resist , a hybrid tea rose called Secret, All-America Rose Selection in 1994, it has blooms of rich cream brushed pink on the outer edges of the petals with a strong sweet spicy fragrance,grows 5 feet tall by 2 feet wide... it has 2 large buds on it right now. It was on sale!

2 More sale items; day lilies, one called Ruby Stella, red daylily, hybrid of the everblooming Hemerocallis 'Stella de Oro'.The flowers are about three inches wide,
it has the same form as its parent but with ruby red petals and a yellow-orange throat, is lightly fragrant and blooms in early to midsummer with later rebloom. Ruby Stella' is a mid-sized dwarf clumper, a foot to twenty-two inches high. It is drought tolerant, but blooms vastly better with regular watering.No sign of a scape yet.

The other daylily called Fragrant Treasures,is characterized by its large light yellow flowers with ruffled edges and curved shape, fade resistant flowers, very long blooming season, light yellow, very fragrant flowers bloom for several weeks from summer into autumn on compact growing plants.It has a bud on it.

My plan is to have interesting plants with lots of fragrance close to the patio.
Any suggestions?
Next week looking for another small tree to anchor the other end of the patio......


Rosanne said...

I can't wait to see everything you pick, the ruby lily sounds very pretty as do your other choices.

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Nice going Rosemary !
Can't wait to see the blooms.

Teresa said...

Fabulous 'picks' Rosemary! I adore my dogwoods, especially the Venus in my front yard. I have lots of scented plants in my front yard but most of them you need to touch to get the full effect. Right off the bat though I would say not much beats daphne for a divine scent in early spring.

Rosemary said...

Rosanne, so hope the ruby stella blooms this summer.
Patsi, thanks hope they all do well.
Teresa, good suggestion I will look for daphne.

Kim and Victoria said...

Perhaps some lavender plants?
So fun, choosing plants.

Shady Gardener said...

Rosemary, You have picked some wonderful plants!! I have 'Fragrant Treasures.' It's such a nice daylily.

Are you looking for more plants? Don't forget the Korean lilac that grows not so terribly tall, but is soooo "aromatic!" ;-)

Filling a flower bed is so exciting... but I agree, one does need to go slowly. Sometimes my pocketbook runs dry before my desire to purchase items is quenched! ha!