Friday, 26 June 2009

Brianne's Secondary School Graduation

Granddaughter Brianne graduated last night from Secondary School.
The ceremony was held at Centre in the Square.

A tiny bit of rain did not dampen our spirits..

Proud Mom, Dad, Brittany and Jesse

Brianne received 3 awards last night.........

1st, Governor General's Award for the student who achieves the highest grade average in all grade 11 and grade 12 courses. 94%.
2nd, Edna Haviland Chemistry award for the student that has attained the highest score in a university entry Chemistry course,
and the 3rd Award of Excellence in Core French.......

Grads cheering.

This was a very proud moment in Brianne's education , shows her dedication to her studies......In September she is attending university taking an honors course in Math.

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Rosanne said...

Thanks so much for joining us in celebrating Brianne's accomplishment, we really appreciate it!