Sunday, 3 May 2009


I see work in my future!

Car trunk full of black soil and mulch.
Plant Sale perennials

They were a bargain all 3 only $7.Bleeding heart, cordylis lutea and 2 lupins!
Fringed Bleeding Heart

Remember my colour scheme of purple and cream tulips? that turned into red and peach.
One lonely purpley mauve tulip.

Happy Spring Gardening all!


Anonymous said...

You are going to be wuite a busy bee!
Awww...I love the lonely little purple tulip. It makes him that much more special that he is the only one! :-)

Hendria said...

Great plant finds. The lone tulip is beautiful... :)

Rosanne said...

You do have some work in your future! Will look good when done!

Lythrum said...

I guess you are going to be busy. I wish our rain would stop for a while so I could get some gardening in. :)

Kim and Victoria said...

Nice buy!

Shady Gardener said...

Yea, Spring! You will be having fun, Rosemary. Hopefully the weather holds for you. :-)