Friday, 8 May 2009

Date Triblies Cookies

Rosanne, my daughter, had invited me for a card making lesson this Friday..I always like to take a little something......what?
Rosanne's favourite cookie is a Date Tribly; oatmeal cookies with a date filling.
Only one spot makes these cookies , Spicers Bakery in Aylmer. Spicers is a well known bakery with quality products.We now live farther away from Aylmer plus Spicers has changed hands and triblies aren't always available.
Do I make a trip to Aylmer and be disappointed?
No, I say! Search the Internet and find a recipe.
Bake them myself.
Found a recipe from Companys Coming at Recipezaar
Cut the recipe in half.
Mixer ready to go.

Cookies being cut out

Cookies baked

Date filling on one half

Finished yummy cookie

These cookies have turned out to be better than Spicers IMO.
The recipe said it makes 84 cookies that is the reason I cut the recipe in half. I ended up with only 21 . It could be I made my cookies bigger.

Hope Rosanne likes them!


Rosanne said...

The cookies are awesome Mom and wayyyy better than Spicers! Thanks so much! And thanks for visiting, it was good day!

Anonymous said...

sorry I missed you today gramma!

Rosemary said...

Sorry I missed you too.

Hendria said...

These look amazing....Nice to spend time with your daughter.... moment that will not be forgotten... :)