Wednesday, 20 May 2009


2 new cards made
Emboss technique on the flowers, versamark on purple paper to make subtle imprint;

Simple layer with 2 stamps;

card in progress using embossing and acrylic paints;


Rosanne said...

More terrific cards! You're learning some good techniques!

willow said...

those look awesome! good enough to be in a store!

Kim and Victoria said...

You really look like you're enjoying those cards. It's great!

Rosemary said...

Rosanne, I am learning lots but oh the mulla it is taking!

Willow, I such a beginner, some of the ladies I card with are truly amazing.

Victoria,It is lots of fun.

Lythrum said...

I'm glad to see that you're getting so good at that. :)

Sherry said...

Nice Mom - looks like you're hooked!!

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Yay Talent !!
Beautiful work.
You've shown that creativity extends beyond the garden.

Hendria said...

the cards are lovely... :)