Thursday, 30 April 2009

Early morning, walking the dog

Walking Buddy, the spoiled dog, on these early spring morning is a pleasure.
The quiet, the spring green, the little surprises along the way.


Early morning sky

Wild coyotes keeping Canada Geese from Drake Lake


Lilac in bud



The surprise!

Killdeer eggs
Momma and Poppa killdeer putting on a show

faking injury

Best keep on walking , don't want to upset the birds too much.


Anonymous said...

There are killdeer in Oklahoma that come to the airport to nest in the rocks. They are so funny.

willow said...

what a fabulous post! i loved the pictures of the coyotes what a fantastic pair! Those birds are pretty cute too! I had no idea they faked injury! to funny!

Rosanne said...

Wow! You got some great shots there!

Rosemary said...

Rosemary said;
Cher , killdeer are so noisy too.

Willow,so far our fake coyotes are keeping the geese away.

Rosanne,thanks I love the early morning sky.

Kim and Victoria said...

Don't you just love killdeer. So sweet.
Buddy looks adorable.

Teresa said...

Oh! How brave of Mama and Papa Killdeer! I hope their eggs make it to chicks. Do the coyotes ever bother you or advance towards you and Buddy?
I have only seen them once on a morning run in our neighborhood...and we are much more suburban9at least by the photos, I think we are).