Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Back from Florida!

Back from the sunny warm south. Venice Florida was my vacation spot.
Flew down to help my Mother drive back from her winter home.
Temperatures in the 85 to 90 range, lots of sun, bright blue sky, gorgeous flowers....dinners out , cocktails............shopping........good bargains at Bealls and TJ Maxx.
One big surprise first night I arrived , Mom's Florida home sold that same night .........great news for Mom. In the past she has spent 6 months there but has now decided to only spend 3 months there and home ownership is getting to be too much.
Packed and sorted out for some of the time, still managed to get in suntan time tho.
Packed the car , sadly said goodbye to the home.
Drove back in 3 days, just missing tornado warnings in Ohio...Oh my gosh what a shock when arrived at the Port Huron / Canadian border, white stuff in the air, blizzard like winds............ Welcome back to Canada!


Rosanne said...

I like your photos, thought you'd bring the sun home! Hope you did get a bit of relaxing in!

Kim and Victoria said...

Welcome home! Snow and all!
Looks like you had a great time. Love that bougainvillea!

Hendria said...

Welcome back.... :)
Photos are great.... hopefully you have brought back the sun with you.

willow said...

welcome back! i see that you had a nice time! love your pics!