Sunday, 15 March 2009

Green Thumb Sunday-Signs of Spring

Saturday was a warm sunny early spring day with highs of 6C. Decided to try to find some signs of spring.
Just outside my own front door peeking thru the ground I found



Took a short drive to Long Point Bay marshlands hoping to see some tundra swans on their return migration journey , they fly 6 000 km between the Canadian Arctic to their wintering spot in the United States. The swans use the marshes of Long Point Bay for a rest and a staging area after flying over Lake Erie.

When first arrived all there one could see was one lonely Canada GooseCan you spot him in the middle of the pic?

All of a sudden up from behind a row of trees rose flock after flock of white swans filling the bright blue sky with their v formations.
The warm air was filled with their honking.
A small group then more and more.

So exciting to see these regal birds.
Still wanting to find more signs of spring , drove further and by a Bed and Breakfast called Green Valley, they are tapping their huge old maples.

3 positive sights of spring in my area!
Any in yours?


Rosanne said...

Seeing those swans would have been amazing! And with sprouting bulbs and running sap, spring has to be on the way!

willow said...

wow all those birds are pretty amazing. I used to get the same thing in Acton when I lived there...only it was Canadian Geese. So as much as we liked to watch them we also had to run for cover!

Very excited to see some signs of spring...I have been looking for that Robin for the last couple of days...Oh he's around here somewhere!

Kim and Victoria said...

Cool! Tundra swans. Don't see those around here I don't think.
Nor the maple syrup tapping.

Sherry said...

Come on Spring!!!!!!!
We are waiting!!!

kml said...

Hasn't arrived here yet - but it's getting close. I have seen some maple tapping going on though.

Shady Gardener said...

I don't think I've ever seen swans in the air. You are very fortunate! Thanks for sharing the photos. :-)