Sunday, 8 March 2009

Green Thumb Sunday-Houseplants

The houseplants think spring is coming!

Peace lily with 3 blossoms forming.

Spider plant creating new babies.

Orchids blooming

Clivia flowers

Outside the snow is almost gone, temperatures this week hit a record high on 18C. on Friday, normal is 2C. We have had torrential rain storms with thunder and lighting on Saturday .
Today we are expecting a high of 6C.

Dare I say spring has come early?


Rosanne said...

All the blooms are gorgeous!

kml said...

Lucky you with the warm temps! Another snowstorm for us tomorrow with an 8 inch prediction.

Enjoy your spring days!!

Sherry said...

All the plants look so green & healthy Mom - fantastic!

Hendria said...

All your plants look wonderful and healthy... :)