Friday, 6 February 2009

Frugal February/Miserly March/Abundant April

Over the years I have tried to watch my pennies , tried
not to be too wasteful.
When working full time, raising children, convenience came first sometimes.
Could not begin to count the amount of
wasted food ,fresh vegetables gone bad, buying lunches or that coffee and donut on the way to work. Take out food.Buying clothes and shoes full price or just had to have that "label".
There is so much one has to pay top dollar for, getting no break.. insurances, banking fees , water bill, gas bill, hydro bill, mortgage, and of course taxes, so many taxes....Gst, Pst, income, ........... never ends.
Over all have always felt fiscally responsible but could have done so much better.
With retirement find I have the time to pay more attention to where and what the money goes to and what is wasted.
Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't take lots of time and work. It does!
In that mindset, I have decided to have frugal February and a miserly March, then an Abundant April.
a Minimal May, Judicious June and a Joyful July, you get my drift.
To that end ,
I have put away my credit card, am not using my debit card .
These are tough moves . Paying with cash only. That really makes one pay attention to what goes out.
Why am I doing this? I like the challenge of seeing where I can save, what is a need vs a want, a new car is in the future this year and a number of items are needed for the house and garden, a week in Florida in April..
I would rather have the cash in hand to pay and hopefully negotiate with what ever company for a better price then go in debt.
Will I be successful? I will let you know.
So far I did manage to pick up several items on sale.
Oscar De La Renta Pj's for $16,
a new leather purse $20
and 75% off some items for my Dickens Village
Need Vs want?
Needed the PJ's for sure, had the same purse for 3 years so a need, Dickens Village definitely a want, but such a good bargain.
Have I slipped using the credit card?
Only to book my airline flight, but I got a seat sale on that!
Are you watching the purse strings?
Any tips to share on


Lythrum said...

We're working on Dave Ramsey's financial freedom plan so we're cutting our spending too. We only really have the credit card that I pay my college tuition on and pay off when I get my GI Bill, our new car we just bought and our house. We have a goal that we are going to pay off our car in two years, we'll see how we do on it. Our main thing we waste money on is eating out so our goal has been to really cut back on it. We have budgeted to eat out once a week and I've been bringing my lunches to work. We'll see how long we can stick with it. :) There was something I read in the Tightwad Gazette once upon a time and it was about figuring out what you want your spending point to be instead of peaks and valleys so that you don't feel deprived when you do without. Of course to me cutting back is a challenge and I like challenges. :) Good luck with your plan!

Rosanne said...

Good for you,love your monthly titles! I like your purchases too! After our last year of home improvements, we're watching our spending more closely. Brianne was telling me what was on sale at Zehrs yesterday, she loves to use coupons and shop the sales!

Sherry said...

If I were to make a resolution - to cut spending & save more money, would be it - not making the resolution, but am going to make efforts at these things this year!

Anonymous said...

I will have zero credit card debt come May. Alas, I still have till August 2010 until my car is paid, but I think I might be able to make more payments since the credit cards will be paid off. I might take a cue from you, Rosemary, and have a miserly may. That way I can put away more cash for a new bed. I really want a new bed. :-)

Teresa said...

We can all use hints for frugality these days.
Make a visit to my blog to pick up an award waiting for you.