Friday, 20 February 2009


Back on babysitting duty again for only 3 days this time. Brock and Brayden's Mom ,
Sherry is at a convention at the Royal York for her company Thrillshow Productions.
There really should be a better name for looking after older children...... .
I looked up babysitter definition in Thesaurus, I am a guard, sentry ,or watchperson ,a person or special body of persons assigned to provide protection or keep watch over.
Sounds like secret service detail to me !
Just need the ear set and black suit.
Officially Grandmother is labeled ;caretaker, caregiver, au pair, minder, baby-sitter, sitter, child minder, carer.
I think I like "carer" best.
I even looked to see if there
is a special definition for " Gramma care"
in the Dictionary. It is not there.It should be!
Because this time my grandson, Brayden,is getting some special "Gramma care".
He is home from school and hockey , sick .

has the bad cold that is so wide spread in this area. Sore throat, chest congestion and cough.
Gramma duty with a "sicky" consists of handing out medication and making some comfort food.
So today we are having Old fashioned Baked Macaroni and Cheese . Prepped and ready for breadcrumb topping.
Dessert will be Chocolate Banana cupcakes with lots of ice cream, for that sore throat..


Anonymous said...

Way to go Grandma, I know how he feels, I have the same thing and it's a doozy. Lucky me I have a hubby that takes good care of me. Hope Brayden feels better soon!

Rosanne said...

Brayden will be better in no time with that Gramma care!

Sherry said...

Thanks so much Gramma!!! Again!!!!
The cupcakes were awesome by the way!!! And, so was the mac & cheese - glad there were leftovers!!!

Kim and Victoria said...

Aww.....a cold and a great Grandma...good combo!