Thursday, 22 January 2009


A blog game started by Shadow seems like a fun thing to play along with on a cold January day.
I received my assigned letter from,Hootin Anni.
a favourite blog read.

The rules of the game are simple. You are given a random letter and you should then post 10 things that you love that begin with that letter, if you read this and want to play, leave a comment at Hootin Anni and she will assign you a random letter, and on and on it goes.

My letter is

Family; first and foremost I love my family,they have brought into my life
joy , fulfillment, laughter , support and a richness that is indescribable..

Friends; it is said , friendship multiply joys and divide griefs , have found , this is true.

Flowers; any flower , the colours and scents; be it roses, lilies , Queen Anne's Lace , fuchsias that draw hummingbirds, or to the simplest daisy all bring a ray of sunshine to a day, always try to have a bouquet the dining table.

Fall; best of the seasons; love the crystalline air, the riot of warm reds, golds and oranges , the harvest abundance from pumpkins to corn, the celebration of Thanksgiving.

Finches; Goldfinches coming to dine at the Niger feeder with their sunny yellow feathers brighten up even the greyest day.

Fettuccine Alfredo; of all the pasta dishes that are so enjoyable, this simple one over and over again is the best.

Figure skating; the one sport I love , the combination of skill , beauty and the musicality of the skaters, never tire of watching .

Fireplace; in the cold frozen North nothing nicer than a roaring fire to bring warmth to a winter day.

Fescues; tall grasses, add such beauty to the garden , the rustling sound in a breeze, a hiding place for birds to delight in, lasting well through the winter to add life to the frozen landscape.

Fun; from a quick wit, to playing video games with the grandchildren, emailed jokes , jigsaw puzzles , a good book, whatever amusement brings a spark to daily life , a smile to ones face, and a therapeutic refreshment of one's body or mind.


Hootin' Anni said...

EXCELLENT Rosemary. Simply excellent. But then again, come to think of it, your 'loves' list beginning with "F" would be identical to mine.

The way you described the finches, I could picture them at my own backyard feeder!!

Wonderful. Thanks for playing along.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Fescues! I love those too, and yes - they do make a lovely sound in the breeze. I like all those others "F"s too, though I've never really seen figure skating, and don't know what Fettuccine Alfredo is! Pasta is one of my favourite foods though ...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What an interesting post, sounds like a fun game to play on a winter day....along with the hot chocolate from your previous post.

Lythrum said...

I love your list but I do believe that Fudge would have to fit in on mine somewhere ;)