Sunday, 14 December 2008

Snowmen, Santa's, Trees or Angels?

The house is now decorated for Christmas. This year I have kept it rather simple. Still every room has a touch of Christmas.
Here are a few of the Christmasy touches in my home.
Led Lights ready to be detangled and hung on the tree.
The bare tree waiting like a big green monster,
Hooray! the Tree is decorated and lit.
This is the first time I have used a stylized colour theme tree, bronze and chartruese green are the colours I picked.Here are some of the new ornaments I had fun finding.

Had a few old ones that fit in too.what a nice change from the usual traditional tree I've had over many years.
Bronze and green sprays in the branches

So yes , the tree got a new look but I have so many little pieces,
treasures I have collected over the years I had to use them too.While decorating the kitchen I realized how many snowmen I have.
Snowmen reign supreme in the kitchen.

Snowman tealight candleholderSnow family, I made them! They are sandfilled pop bottles.
Snowman trio
Snowman night light
Snowman Door hangers
I guess I am a snowman collector!
One more! and this is just in the kitchen
Yes I have a tree in the kitchen too!
Silver bowl and ornament in foyer
Main Bathroom
with touches of red

Comfy Christmas pillows

Candies, card basket, tree dishes

Candles, candles and more candles

So what do you have Santa's
Or Snowmen?


Rosanne said...

Your decorations look really nice!

I must admit to having lots of snowmen too!

Anonymous said...

I think I am more of a Santa Collector. But the old-fashioned ones, not the "Coca Cola" ones.
I LOVE your tree! Excellent job! I actually tried a theme this year, but didn't think it out very well, so decided to put up the old ornaments to fill it in. The bronze and green is amazing!
Is your tree real? if it is real, that is a pretty perfect tree.
I love all the little touches you've shown. It's what makes a home extra special at this time of year.