Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Ravs and Favs

Here are a few items I need to rav about.
Since I now put up a fake tree there is no longer that piney fragrance in the air.
At the Body Shop in the essential oil section they have a blue spruce oil . I have sprinkled it on some
potpourri in the living room and main guest bathroom ,it has a nice piney scent , not over powering.
In the en suite bathroom I have a Christmas jar filled with dried flowers
and twinkle lights in it, sprinkled Cranberry oil , a sweet slightly heavier scent.

Another scent is herbal clarity. Light and refreshing.
It was suggested these scents could be combined but I prefer the single scents.
Adds a nice light scent in the house.
2 inexpensive items for pampering at this busy time of the year. Fruits and Passion Mistletoe hand soap and hand lotion.
Lovely scent, the hand cream is excellent.
Dove Cream oil body wash , delicate, Jasmine and Vanilla scent. This body wash leaves skin which is so dry feeling soft and smooth , not dried out.


Mary said...


I love your Christmas jar. It's so unique. I may just give it a try. It's very pretty and would add a little sparkle to the decor. Thanks so much for sharing and also for your feel better soon wishes.


Darla said...

I love scents in the home, you have some nice ones there.

Lythrum said...

The lack of an evergreen smell is one of the things that I dislike most about using a fake tree. On the other hand, not picking up needles does have its own allure. :) Nice tree!

Patsi said...

Love my natural scents added to soap or body cream..never thought of putting scents on lights. Thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...

I like your idea of essential oils. I have seen many pine smelling candles, but since I regularly forget to blow out candles, I don't like using them. I think I'll go with your idea this Christmas. Thank you!